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Our factories specialise in branded products for retailers and distributors globally.

Our partnerships with our factories enable us to source any product to a high spec. We specialise in producing own branding solutions for manufacturers and retailers globally. We have full control of the branding process from start to finish to ensure all goods are manufactured and packaged to client satisfaction. We liaise closely between the client and the factories in order that the brand guidelines are followed through to completion and client satisfaction. This includes producing red, silver and gold samples for client sign-off if required. We believe that clear, concise and thorough communication is vital throughout the whole process. Our team works closely with manufacturers, distributors and innovators, transforming their initial concept into a finished product backed up with a solid and scalable supply chain.

Our factories in China, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam have a long standing commitment to us. We are in full control and have protocols in place to ensure every aspect of the manufacturing process is closely checked and monitored. We have on-the-ground teams throughout the Far East and Asia who are strategically placed for factory inspections and pre-shipment quality control.

Our service

to the manufacturing
Any new requirement can be discussed fully on site at any of our global locations. We will talk you through all that is needed from you. We can also provide initial consultations on a conference call, skype or by email.


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Initial Requirements

Which country are the products destined to?

Do you know of any specific compliance or industry standards the product must adhere to?

Do the products need to be manufactured in an ethically audited factory?

Is this a repeat project or one-off?

What is the lead time?

Points to Consider

Are you buying FOB or will you want the goods customs cleared and delivered to your warehouse?

Are there any specific materials or labelling requirements?

Are there any specific packaging or branding requirements?

Do you need consolidated shipments of more than one product?

Do you or your client have any special pallet quantity or Ti-Hi requirements?

Shipping from the Far East and Asia

Pro-Power has a dedicated freight team operating out of the main sea ports and airports. We offer a complete solution to delivering your goods anywhere in the world.

We have an in-depth knowledge of logistics in and out of China, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam

We are able to control all aspects of customs clearance

We have longstanding relationships with major freight forwarders


We work with all our shipping teams to facilitate smooth delivery to our clients

We use the main ports, which has regular service feeders to internal locations, where goods are trans-shipped to the final destination