Welcome to Pro-Power Industrial

A family run business specialising  in manufacturing and sourcing in the Far East and Asia

Pro-Power brings a completely new and fresh approach to manufacturing in the Far East and Asia

Utilising over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain management we believe we offer something unique and different to the established companies in this market place. At Pro-Power we do things differently. We provide a supply and logistics service that cannot be rivalled. A service that is tailored solely to our clients on an individual basis.
We have a platform from which our customers can purchase direct from our manufacturing hub in the Far East and Asia on a true just in time basis, thus significantly reducing the need for stock to be sitting in warehouses. This vastly reduces costs within the supply chain.

Our business is driven by 3 core beliefs:


Manufacturing in the Far East & Asia can often be daunting. Deposits, difficulties with communication and large production runs (to name a few) but not with Pro-Power. Our strategic partnerships with factories allow us to produce the quantities our clients require. Working closely with our clients we produce “client specific” manufacturing schedules. We will work with you to understand your stock requirements and manage our production specifically around this. These schedules and stock planning allows our clients to purchase their core lines direct from the Far East and Asia in smaller quantities, whilst benefiting from direct factory prices. In addition, and what is truly unique about us, are our warehousing facilities in the Far East and Asia.

We provide a flexible service that genuinely allows for JUST IN TIME deliveries. We will store your stock in our warehouses for a fraction of the normal cost, allowing our clients to call off their specific products as and when they are needed.


What’s different about Pro-Power is that we have our own offices, factories and warehousing in the Far East and Asia all run by our own team. It gives us complete control of the entire process from concept right through to shipment. We manage and control for you the entire process from start to finish. It is unique because it provides all our clients with the ability to purchase direct whilst benefiting from flexible quantities, low stock holding and scheduled deliveries right through to your door.


Core to our business is QUALITY. It is a word often over used but not in our case. It drives our business. It is fundamental to everything we do from the interaction with our customers right through to delivery of our product. Every step of the design, build and manufacturing process is controlled from start to finish, whether it is pre-production samples, component checks or final Q/C inspections you can have total confidence that the right product is produced.

Quality Service
  • Full life cycle project management
  • Product sample development
  • Multiple factory ownership
  • Brand development and management
Our Ethics
Too many businesses talk about ethics and social responsibility but never genuinely put it into practice. At Pro-Power this is fundamental to our business. Our focus is on providing a professional service to deliver quality products that protect our clients’ interests. In every part of our operation there is a strong code of ethics guiding our decision making.
  • Price goods and services fairly
  • Uphold and observe all standards and regulations
  • Act in an environmentally-responsible way
  • Protect our clients’ interests
  • Never compete with our clients

Pro-Power Manufacturing & Sourcing Factories

Our Factory Ethics

  1. Employment of minors is strictly prohibited. We consider a minor to be younger than 18 years old
  2. All our factories and global offices promote the health and safety of our team and factory workers
  3. We believe our workers should have at least one day off every week. Overtime is voluntary and compensated in accordance with local law
  4. We believe strongly in protection of the environment

We have such confidence in our factories that you are welcome to visit them and arrange independent inspections whenever required. We regularly participate in ethical, environmental and fair trade inspections on a regular basis.

Read More About Our Factories

We have established strong partnerships with our factories in China, providing a top quality service, reliability and support in every part of the process

Our factories in China

We partner with factories in Bangladesh, which has a strong economy and a rapid growth rate

Our factories in Bangladesh

Cambodia has a boosting economy, a growing infrastructure with an expanding export industry, perfect for us to partner with

Our Factories in Cambodia

We have a quality product sourcing network within Vietnam, which is predicted to be one of the top ten fastest growing economies in the next few decades

Our factories in Vietnam